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connectivity for your Domain




Automotive OEMs


Technology Demonstrators:

  • Connectivity performance evaluations
  • Connectivity performance evaluations
  • User experience evaluations
  • Multi-devices (phones) solutions



Automotive TIER1´s


Integration of Connectivity in Headunit-platforms

  • Integration of control elements
    (Voice, Touch, Knobs & Controls, ..)
  • Integrated HMIs
  • High performance platform adaptions to Linux, QNX, VxWorks, Android, microITRON, …

CCC-certification support





Smartphone OEMs


HUML reference platform:
perfect for end-to-end testing of phones

Virtual Machines (VMs):
boost the development cycles and enable Agile methods.

MirrorLink Server stacks




Semiconductor Suppliers for

  • Phones
  • Headunits


Technology Demonstrators:

Evaluate the performance, analyze portability, … System on Chip (SoC) solutions
(„Mirroring technology on the chip“)


HUML ConnKit

Connectivity Ecosystem


ConnKit provides a powerful connectivity ecosystem with

  • ConnKit Box
  • ConnKit Apps
  • ConnKit AppStore & Service
Android Auto Integration Library
Connectivity out of the box



  • is easy to integrate in new and existing vehicles
  • includes Safe Car Sensor Data Management
  • executes Android Apps even without a connected phone
Connectivity always up to date



  • extends the car with Android apps & ecosystem including wireless updates
  • simplifies the integration process of latest smartphone projection technologies like Android Auto, MirrorLink, CarPlay, Baidu CarLife
  • significantly reduces the TCO over the lifetime of IVI systems
  • improves the interoperability (IOP) between smartphones and IVI systems

HUML Software ready for IVI- and Phone-Integration

Client Stacks


  • Delivered in binary format
  • Full API + PICS documentation


  • Ready to use / integrate for Linux, VxWorks, Android, microITRON
  • Porting to other RTOS on request
Server Stacks


  • Delivered in binary format
  • Full API + PICS documentation


  • Ready to use / integrate for Linux,
    Android (>=4.0.4)
  • Porting to other RTOS on request
Platform Integration
Software for IVI/Headunits


  • Ready to use + customization option
  • Delivered in binary & source code



HUML Software as Virtual Machines

reference platform
(Virtual Headunit)


  • Linux VM ready to use


PICS Specifications


  • Requirements engineering
Stack Integration


  • Specification, Development, Test, Framerate optimizations


  • Interoperability tests every 3 month
CCC certification support


  • Preparation of PICS, Preparation of Systems