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Bring smartphone applications into the car



Open standard for Mirroring technology and app certification defined by about 95 CCC members.


MirrorLink is specified and maintained by the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) – providing a broad industry support for the technology. CCC’s MirrorLink technology provides smartphone screen content replication and independent App-Certification.

HUML is CCC core member.

Read more about MirrorLink:



Closed Ecosystem;
IOP is quite easy to handle;
for Apple´s iOS Phones


CarPlay is specified and implemented by Apple. Defined Apps like Navigation, Phone, Music, Contacts, Messages are rendered from the iPhone into the IVI system.

HUML is Apple Mfi partner.

Read more about the CarPlay:

Auto Projection


Google´s solution
for smartphone integration.


Android Auto Projection (AAP) is specified by Google within the OAA consortium.
Read more about google projection mode:



Bosch technology;
iOS and Android phones
are supported


mySPIN is specified and developed by Bosch.
With iAP2 and AOAP implementations,
iOS as well as Android smartphones are supported.

HUML is Bosch partner for mySpin integrations.

Read more about mySPIN: