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Automotive grade connectivity products

Client Stack


HUML Client Stack V14.3
CCC certified MirrorLink 1.1 Client Stack
CCC certified MirrorLink 1.2 Client Stack
with Miracast and HSML

Platform Integration


Headunit-specific integration software to smoothly integrate MirrorLink, CarPlay, Bluetooth, Google AAP, Baidu CarLife into the IVI HW/SW platform

Android Auto Integration Library (HUML- AAIL)


HUML-AAIL simplifies the integration process of Android Auto Technology in existing and new IVI systems and enables significant time and cost reductions.

Server Stack


HUML® MirrorLink Server Stack
for Android smartphones and linux based
embedded system


HUML got it all
  • 100% CCC
    compliant MirrorLink
  • Product-Development- and Product-Integration-Processes accordingly to Automotive quality standards

Android Auto Integration Library